xQc Announces Return To NoPixel GTA RP Server Following His 4th Ban

Popular Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel recently teased his early return to the NoPixel GTA RP Server following his 4th ban. Despite getting banned for 30 days on 18th April, xQc in his latest stream confirmed he will be back on the server on 1st May playing as Jean Paul.

On April 18th, xQc received his 4th ban for multiple reasons, including talking about other players’ bans when arrested, dropping a gun when he’s dead, abusing vehicle scuff, and other violations that go against the server rules. 

The star steamer previously hinted that there might be a bias against him — “I feel good because I made my case that there’s something against me, so I’m happy about it,” the admins have reinstated xQc from his ban in just 12 days from the supposed 30 days duration.

While xQc is returning early, the possibility of the streamer getting banned again isn’t small. The streamer has shown from time to time that he can’t play in this space for long before being booted out, despite him saying that he has changed his ways since the last, the streamer always finds himself in a position where he just can’t control himself and accidentally break server rules.

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