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xQc invited to the 2024 Met Gala

xQc is arguably the most recognised video game streamer on the face of the planet and over the years his name has proceeded beyond the realms of esports towards more traditional celebrities which can be attested further following his recent 2024 Met Gala invitation.

During one of his latest live streams, xQc revealed that he has made it to the guest list of the 2024 Met Gala, which in itself is a magnificent feat for a gamer. Met Gala is widely considered the biggest fashion exhibition of the year and while xQc may not have a stronghold in said area, it will be fun to see how he shows up if he decides to go at all.

xQc invited to Met Gala 2024.

Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, who was on the stream with xQc was just as surprised when he found out that xQc got invited and was quick to drop plenty of fashion advice because it is hard to imagine xQc fitting in The Garden of Time which happens to be the theme of the year.


In the past, the Met Gala was restricted to A-list celebrities but given how xQc was invited, it would be safe to assume that they are opening the doors to the event to celebrities from different backgrounds. Social media influencers might be on the radar this time around given TikTok being the chief sponsor of the event.

As soon as he broke the news, his chat went haywire as everyone wanted him to attend the event. While xQc may have had some bizarre experiences with his public appearances in the past, attending an event of this stature would end up as a massive feat given video game streamers aren’t exactly privy to these events.

The 2024 Met Gala is scheduled for Mon, 6 May, 2024 and xQc has a couple of weeks to get a designer and prepare himself is he chooses to attend the event at all.

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