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Vanguard Arrives in League of Legends: What You Need to Know

Competitive gaming is plagued with cheaters no matter what esports we look at. From the likes of VAC to RICOCHET, no anti-cheat has kept hackers at bay quite like Riot Games’ Vanguard.

Valorant was launched as a competition to CSGO, the leading FPS esports at the time and while the two developers had different approaches to their game, both had to tackle the problem of hackers ruining the competitive integrity. Riot launched Vanguard with Valorant, a kernel-based anti-cheat that remains the most difficult anti-cheat to get past to this day.

Photo via LoL.

When gamers got wind of what this new anti-cheat is capable of, it was only a matter of time before everyone started demanding something similar for their game of choice. Riot hinted back in the day that they plan to extend the services of Vanguard to the likes of League of Legends given it is another game that is suffering from the same problems.

Anti-cheat is a shadowy game, and the darkness we usually operate in has the unfortunate side-effect of generating a lot of confusion, concern, and frankly, misinformation. So strap in, and we’ll try to shine the brightest light possible on just how Vanguard gets the job done.” claims Riot.

According to Riot K3O, the Philippines are scheduled for patches, the dates for the two LoL patches on 17th April and 1st May.

LoL may not be a game that has shown to be particularly plagued with cheaters given the nature of the game but that doesn’t mean that players do not come across scripters occasionally. However, Vanguard working at a hardware level will likely sniff out any anomaly LoL will be as clean as it ever was.

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