Will PUBG New State Mobile Also Receive Ban In India?

PUBG New state ban

Singapore developer and publisher of popular battle royale games PUBG Mobile and BGMI are finding it hard to remain on the good side of the Indian Government. Recently, their India-only Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile game received a ban from the Indian Government after it was discovered that the game was sending data and communicating with servers in China.

After the ban of BGMI, many content creators and professional teams announced that they will shift to New State Mobile, a futuristic battle royale game developed by Krafton. Since prior the other popular Krafton games are banned by the Indian Government, players and fans are worried if moving to the New State Mobile will be a good choice or not.

Since New State is now the main focus of the battle royale community in India, let’s clear some air around New State Mobile’s future in India.

New State Mobile is a futuristic battle royale mobile game set in some years in the future in the same PUBG universe.

Since the game is fully developed and published by Krafton without help from any 3rd party like Tencent, the chances of New State Mobile getting banned are very unlikely. Plus reading the privacy policy of the game also reveals that the data of Indian users is strictly stored and processed in servers in India and Singapore. 

Another point to note is that the game hasn’t even been launched in China yet. Since China has stopped screening games for launch in the country, almost no new games are able to get the mandatory approval for launch.

So a Chinese connection is not present at the moment. Hence it is safe to say that New State Mobile will likely not face any hurdles from the Indian government in the near future.

Aman Jain aka SouLAman, a member of the S8UL esports team in his latest stream also explained why New State Mobile will not be banned in India. He said that the game is fully developed and published by Krafton and has no third-party collaboration with Tencent or any Chinese company in it.