Apex Legends Season 14 Early Patch Notes Released

Apex Legends Season 14 Early Patch Notes Released

The launch of Season 14 Hunted is right around the corner and like always Respawn has previewed the early patch notes and announced the release date of the update.

Apex Legend’s Season 14 will bring a huge number of balance changes and new additions like a new Legend Vantage, drastic changes to Kings Canyon and other maps, several weapon attachments, and a brand new Legend to keep you busy as you rank up.

Apex Legend Season 14 Release Date:

As per Respawn, Season 14 Hunted beings on August 9th after the update early on the same day. The exact time of the update is still unknown and further information about the update will be shared in the coming days. 

Apex Legends Season 14 new character: Meet Vantage

The new Legend for this season is called Vantage. As per lore, Vantage’s real name is Xiomara ‘Mara’ Contreras. She’s a skilled sniper who grew up on the planet Págos and has a bat named Echo that accompanies her to the battlefield. 

Apex Legends Vantage Abilities:

Spotter’s Lens (Passive)– See tactical information about your enemy in your HUD. This includes which legend they are playing, how many members remain in their squad, the rarity of their body shield, and their distance from you.

Echo Launch (Tactical)– You can order your Bat companion, Echo, to a specific location, then launch yourself to that same position. 

Mark to Kill (Ultimate) – Upon activation, Vantage uses her own sniper rifle that can scan enemies and provide a 15% damage boost to her entire squad when hitting enemies who’ve been scanned using Mark to Kill. Vantage herself also earns a progressive damage boost with successive hits on the same target.

Gameplay changes in Apex Legends Season 14

A much-requested feature by the community, the level cap increase is finally coming to Apex Legends. The level cap will be increased to a staggering 2000 levels, meaning you can loop through 500 levels 4 times before maxing out the season pass. 

General weapon changes are as follows:

  • Laser Sights – A new barrel attachment for Pistols and SMGs, which significantly increase hip-fire accuracy. These laser sights can also be color customized, similar to reticle customization.
  • Spitfire – This weapon now takes light ammo/mags
  • Wingman – This weapon now takes sniper ammo/mags
  • EVA-8 – Not only can this weapon now take stocks and use double-tap hop-up, but it has an overall fire rate increase, that is boosted even more with Bolts.
  • Rampage LMG and Bocek Bow have been moved to Supply Drops.
  • Volt SMG and G7 Scout have moved back to being ground loot