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Will GTA 6 have Cross-Platform support?

A PlayStation and Xbox version of GTA 6 is scheduled to be released in 2025 with a PC port coming later which has begged the question whether GTA 6 will come with cross-platform support.

For those aware, GTA 6 will be primarily released for 3 different platforms, and as the name suggests, cross-platform will allow players from Xbox, PS, and PC to play with each other. Although it is yet to be announced, an educated guess would suggest that GTA 6 will replace the GTA online that came with GTA V but it wouldn’t be wise to expect cross-platform support.

GTA Online has been a massive part of GTA V and has immensely contributed to the game’s success. It is also largely responsible for maintaining the stellar daily active user count, even after a decade of its release so it is unlikely that Rockstar will kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

However, we can only assume that given the technological challenges involved in cross-platform support, GTA Online for GTA 6 will be restricted to individual platforms and we haven’t seen any projects from Rockstar where they have embraced the idea of cross-platform support in recent times.

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