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GTA 6 Speculated Pre-Order and Price Details

Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled to release in 2025 but fans can barely hold their horses, especially after the insane trailer that Rockstar dropped.

GTA 6 is the long-speculated sequel of GTA V and while the storyline may be different, the latest iteration of Grand Theft Auto has managed to retain the essence of what made the previous GTA games such a captivating experience. The whole announcement process went through a series of hiccups like hackers leaking data but when the trailer dropped, it got unified support from fans and critics alike.

When will GTA 6 be available for pre-order?

While is very difficult to assume how the Pre-Order options will shape up before we get a release date given how Rockstar deals with their games, it won’t be any different than any of their previous releases. We hope that the game will be available to pre-order on the respective stores PS and Xbox while the PC version that is scheduled later will likely come out on EPIC and Steam along with major retailers.

GTA 6 speculated price

Pricing can be very difficult to estimate at this point, while it would be foolish to compare the price of GTA V to GTA 6 given the 10 years’ worth of inflation between the two games, it would be safe to assume that GTA 6 might one the most expensive games of all time when it comes out in 2025 for the basic version of the game going for as high as $70.

GTA V was on the expensive side of things back when it came out but it was worth every penny, given the amount of time it took for Rockstar to announce GTA 6, we can assume it will walk on the same path.

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