Why NVIDIA asked Gamers to help curb Coronavirus?

NVIDIA Asks Players To Use Their Gaming PCs To Fight Coronavirus

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NVIDIA GeForce has come up with a new initiative that calls for the PC Gaming Community to donate their unused GPUs and CPUs for providing the scientists with additional computing power which would enable them to work with efficiency and learn more about the COVID-19 Situation. Amidst of the Coronavirus, the world has been functioning in a complete haywire mode lately. Many Industrial sectors across the globe have suffered a great setback which even does include the Stock Market sector where the parameters have dropped to their all-time worst mark. With the Gaming community coming forward and making a donation of their computing resources, our hard-working scientists might make the best use of them as they would stand a better chance to come up with a potential working vaccination plan after they learn about the virus and its patterns. As the research regarding the same is underway, this initiative might prove to be a worthy aid for the same.

This initiative is named as “Science at home” which is backing multiple scientific research projects by providing them with surplus resources from the public and the newly joined PC gaming community as well. Nvidia’s call for assistance is one of the programs among the “Science at home” initiative where volunteers can lend their CPU or GPU resources. [email protected] lead by UC Berkely was one among the early initiated projects for harnessing some extra PC power aided by the public. Programs like [email protected] function where the User gets to download a free program thus allowing the computers at specific research laboratories to access his/her hardware for some extra juice which would help them run massive data sets and intensive scientific models as well more efficiently.

In a tweet, Nvidia announced about it’s pairing with the online PC community, PCMasterRace which would help them to support [email protected] a project where they focus on researching about various diseases and their patterns. This project utilizes thousands of personal computers to access idle computing power. It was founded by Pande Lab and Professor Vijay Pande, Ph.D. This project does run research tests to study illnesses like Parkinson’s and Cancer. Amidst the COVID-19 Situation, FOH has shifted its operations to provide assistance for the same where 100% of the generated data is openly shared with the Scientists and the research Labs. FOH’s research projects regarding the Coronavirus are precisely accoutered towards protein research. These interconnected PCs then help the research units study about the Virus’s structures, it’s patterns. This procedure does really help them to analyze the protein and the way it binds to the human receptors. Once this is determined, they will be getting a central idea about the point when the virus starts to terrorize the Lungs which could then provide a potential bid to create a proper vaccination for the same.

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