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WePlay! Bukovel Minor hero and team statistics provides insights into the 7.23f meta

Team Nigma had an amazing performance at the WePlay! Bukovel Minor. Even though they dropped into the lower bracket after a humiliating 2-1 loss to Royal Never Give Up (RNG) early on, they managed to make their way back into the finals and bag the title of champions. The fan favorites secured their spot at the Leipzig Major with their 3-1 victory in the Minor grand finals after a nail biting rematch against RNG.

With the Minor coming to its conclusion, the game statistics have been revealed and we can draw a lot of insight into the current meta from it. So far, the most contested hero in the tournament has been Doom who was either picked or banned in 100% of the matches played. Doom is undoubtedly one of the strongest offlaners in the current patch and the sheer amount of contesting this hero faced at the Minor proves why he is such a game changer. The most picked hero in the Minor was the Grand Magus Rubick with a pick rate of 57.50%. The witty son of Aghanim massively increases magic output and debuff duration with his passive, which makes him a great pick for almost any lineup. In addition, his Fade Bolt is a very good spell which allows him to harass enemy cores in lane, secure range creeps, and push waves with ease making him one of the best supports in the meta.

Proceeding further, Phantom Lancer secured the spot for hero with the highest win rate at the Minor. Among the 10 games he was picked in, Phantom Lancer won 8 of them, thus making his win rate a massive 80%. This hero has been praised a lot for his ability to jungle very early on and secure the crucial neutral drops. On top of that, his ability to snowball into the late game with levels and proper items also compliments his massive win rate at the Minor. Sadly, Disruptor seems to be the hero with the least possible win rate, winning only 7 out of the 17 games he was picked in, his win rate is a disappointing 41.18%. The gifted Stormcrafter has one of the best trading spells at level one and his ultimate deals an insane amount of damage in teamfights but despite all the facts, it seems that this hero is just not cut for the ongoing meta or its playstyle.


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