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Violentpanda Proposes to His Girlfriend During RLCS Fall Major

After winning the Rocket League World Championship in 2016, Jos “ViolentPanda” van Meurs surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal at the Rocket League Championship Series Fall Split Major.

Two World Championship championships make ViolentPanda one of Rocket League’s most successful players. Recently, after an event in Rotterdam, ViolentPanda proposed to his girlfriend live on stage.

“Thank you to all of my fans for the support I have received throughout a big part of my life. Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity to represent them, and I hope that I repaid you tenfold what you gave to me,” he stated.

Mellina Kong, who works for TikTok and streams on Twitch, got engaged with the player. The duo has been in a relationship for the last five years. 

After RLCS proposed marriage, ViolentPanda decided to hang up his claws for good.

The player disclosed thumb injuries before season 10. Because of his injuries, he had to cut back on the time he spent training, which put him behind the rest of his team.

ViolentPanda made the announcement that he would be retiring from competitive play on October 27. He had been a player for six years and had recently received an unexpected proposal. 

The RLCS Fall Open Qualifier, in which ViolentPanda competed, took place days prior to the announcement. ViolentPanda participated in the tournament using the same squad, The Three Musketeers, that met inception in 2015. They finished in the 13th position in the event. 

ViolentPanda desires to take up a managerial/coaching role post his retirement. He also claimed an affinity for the esports industry from a business perspective, where he feels he can make an impact.

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