G2 Signs Sentinels Valorant Roster: Report

shahzam valorant

According to Dotesport.com’s report, G2 Esports has signed five new valuable players to participate from G2 Esports in the North American Challengers league next year.

Former Sentinels Players, Michael “dapr” Gulino and Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan will join Version1 players Erik Penny and Maxim “wippie” Shepelev & Oxy who earlier used to play for dark ratio along with, Ian “Immi” Harding leading the roster.

The team will play in Challengers after the team’s inability to establish a partnership in conjunction with Riot Games, which would’ve guaranteed G2 an entry into the Americas international league.

The following year, Sentinels will be participating in the Americas international league alongside a number of other significant companies. All 30 clubs from the three leagues will compete in a three-week event in So Paulo, Brazil, in February.

Sentinels were a dominant force in the early stages of Valorant and had one of the largest fan communities operating under their wing. They were at the top of the food chain and established a new benchmark for the competitive esports scene of the game. Since then, fans feel the squad has weakened and have criticized its failure to compete in the VCT Champions.

The community has the impression that the squad has lost its competitive edge and has not been keeping its strategies consistently updated. ShahZaM mentioned in a recent stream that he thinks the IGL should be held responsible for this automatically shifting blame.

ShahZaM had complete influence over how their roster performed in their professional competitions. This is because the IGL is the one who makes the decisions and plans the strategies for each match.

Sentinels have earned their spot in the VCT Champions event for the next 5 years by making the initial franchising list. This presents the team with a significant chance to reassert themselves on the international stage by fielding a roster that has been meticulously selected.