VCT Game changers team accuse Motif Esports owner of sexual harassment

Motif Esports

ex-Motif who now play as karmaVALORANT have accused their former organziation’s boss of sexual harassment and unprofessionalism.

After finishing in the 24th position at the Valorant Game Changers EMEA open qualifier in February, the players of Motif Esports decided to call quits on the UK based organization followed by accusations against their boss Jack, known as “Jaws” who has reportedly been reported for a harassment case involving Motif’s female Valorant roster.

One of the ex-Motif players, Joanne told Dexerto that Jack was willing to trade some explicit photos of himself in return if she performed well in their VGC fixture.

Joanne further added that Jack had told her he would “turn her” straight if she wanted to spend a night with him. This indeed continues as Jack on a Discord call screen-shared explicit content while Joanne was present in the call. The allegations also include general poor conduct by the org’s management, including messaging players during official VGC matches to join them for ranked games.

Well it really hurts to write that this fiasco doesn’t have an end yet, as RattieRebecca through a TwitLonger shed more light on the incident where players continued to receive racist remarks due to the fact that they were non-British including their coach Jarda who had a Czech accent.

Racist remarks were passed on to one of their players Mercy on a twitch stream of their organization’s members which in fact broke the TOS of Twitch.

From not having a chat with the team members to the inability of creating a private server for practice, Motif Esports’ management had been very rude and unconventional.

Although when Dexerto reached out to Jaws for a clarification on the above, he turned down the media in the light of “not having enough evidence on both the sides” which was followed by the team’s twitter handle being deactivated and the roster disbanded.