Valorant Pros Recreate Squid Game During Technical Pause in VCT 

valorant squid game

Technical pauses are a common occurrence in competitive games. At any point in a high-stakes tournament game, if the participating players or tournament admins feel that something is out of the norm, a pause is called for the admins to resolve the issue.

Usually, in FPS titles like Valorant, players generally use the time from the technical pause to discuss their strats for the next few rounds.

However, Valorant’s Game Changers tournament saw one team turning a technical pause into an entertaining experience for the viewers and casters by portraying an adaptation of the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game from Netflix’s title ‘Squid Game’.

In a recent Lower Bracket match of the Game Changers EMEA: Series 1 main event, noOrg battled it out against TENSTAR Nova for a shot at the lower bracket finals against Guild X. When a technical pause was called during the game, TENSTAR Nova took the opportunity to replicate Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ in Valorant.

The clip was then posted to various social media platforms and won the hearts of Valorant fans worldwide. Fans can take a look at the clip here

TENSTAR Nova then proceeded to win the series 2-0 to secure their spot at the lower bracket finals against Guild X, which they lost by a 2-1 margin.