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Valve reportedly developing a Artificial Intelligent Anticheat

When gamers are affected in masses, Valve still doesn’t seem to appear little bothered. Things will, now, however, change as per a Valve engineer. Other than killing the numbers of hackers through VAC and Overwatch, Valve is developing a ridiculously smart and intelligent anti-cheat system which will run a thorough scan of every match-making played. Although it seems like a big dream, Valve’s official response in a Reddit thread has confirmed about their R&D working on such an interface.

The sense of affection about this development process from Valve concludes two sets of a genre in a generous mind. As said by the Valve engineer, that a good news states that they have already done researching about this system and are now implementing it further to eliminate the biggest threat to the CSGO community of the future. Not ignoring the adverse side of the story that the automatic scanning of demos takes too much time and resources and is right now next to impossible to introduce an innovation which will impact millions.

Valve Anti-Cheat official Reddit account’s response in a post: “So some bad news: any hard-coded detection of spin-botting leads to an arms race with cheat developers – if they can find the edges of the heuristic you’re using to detect the cheat, the problem comes back. Instead, you’d want to take a machine-learning approach, training (and continuously retraining) a classifier that can detect the differences between cheaters and normal/highly-skilled players. The process of parsing, training, and classifying player data places serious demands on hardware, which means you want a machine other than the server doing the work. And because you don’t know ahead of time who might be using this kind of cheat, you’d have to monitor matches as they take place, from all ten players’ perspectives.

There are over a million CS:GO matches played every day, so to avoid falling behind you’d need a system capable of parsing and processing every demo of every match from every player’s perspective, which currently means you’d need a datacenter capable of powering thousands of cpu cores. The good news is that we’ve started this work. An early version of the system has already been deployed and is submitting cases to Overwatch. Since the results have been promising, we’re going to continue this work and expand the system over time.”

The demonstration of the actual system which will be an automatic machine learning lessons on how to differentiate between a genuine and ingenuine kill may take quite some time to come to reality. But satisfyingly the cheat providers seem already terrified by this move. All the major CSGO cheat providers which blatantly chose to ignore Valve and its anti-cheat system, are now alert and have stopped offering cheats until further research from their end of investigation this new VAC system.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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