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Valve releases Summer Scrub update for DOTA2

As promised by Valve, they have released the Summer Scrub update, which fixed a host of bugs that were reported by players in the game and on Reddit.

Also, in the update are some Quality of Life (QOL) changes to help improve the state of the game.

Some highlights from the update:

  • Issued a ban wave for players found exploiting matchmaking, botting or transferring accounts
  • Fixed Dashboard player profiles not loading for players sometimes
  • Fixed a disconnected last pick player not causing the game to be safe to leave
  • Increased the maximum number of player reports from 3 to 5
  • Increased the number of reports high behaviour score players get
  • Chat no longer scrolls incorrectly when clicking a “Join Party” link
  • Added an option to bring Dota 2 to front for Ready Checks
  • Fixed pinging an enemy empty bottle saying it had a Double Damage rune.
  • Fixed Morphling looking bald when he morphs into Kid Invoker (LOL)
  • Fixed in-game rank profiles failing to load frequently
  • Fixed killfeed message for shared bounties incorrectly stating that the entire bounty gold was rewarded to each hero

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