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FBI involved after CS:GO player threatens to “shoot up” Fragadelphia event

After Damian “DROID” Boulware, received a message during a match of CS: GO by a player, going by the name of “ohcgnor‎”, who threatened to “shoot up” Fragadelphia “irl” (the abbreviation for “in real life”). After the game, Droid posted the screenshot of the chat on his Twitter.


The tweet gained massive traction from users all around the world. Most importantly, John Fazio, the CEO of N3rd Street Gamers, jumped onto the thread. He assured the people attending the event that there would be adequate armed security. Additionally, he added that the FBI and the local police department had been alerted about the possibility of a shooting. This has confirmed the presence of “armed security and a police presence on-site at Fragadelphia”

Additionally, another user on Twitter called Pingu said, “I was planning on shooting it up too”. However, we do not know if the user meant it as a joke or is in serious thoughts of “shooting it up”. The tournament organisers have assured us that they will provide “a safe gaming atmosphere to all”

This would not be the first incident of an active gunman situation at an Esports tournament. The earlier incident of a crime taking place can be linked to the “Madden NFL 19” Florida. The event saw three people losing their lives and multiple others being injured.

Fragadelphia, is an event hosted by N3rd Street, is returning for its 13th season in 2019. The event will be held at Huntington Beach California from the 13th to 15th of September

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