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Valve announces talents for The International 2019

With only a week left for The International to start, Valve just added a little spice to the hype train and announced the amazingly talented individuals that will host, cast and analyse but most importantly entertain the audience and give us a little insight.

Your hosts for TI9 –

Literally, legendary line up with the ever-entertaining Duo of Sir Action Slacks and Kaci!

Sir Action Slacks, the funniest and jolly guy to ever exist in the Dota 2 universe, will be hosting The International 9 at Shanghai

English broadcasters for TI9 –

Russian Broadcasters for TI9-

Your Chinese Broadcasters for TI9-

With this announcement, Valve really hyped up the community and gave us a hint that some crazy stuff is gonna go down at TI9, Shanghai. Get ready to get bamboozled by Valve and most importantly enjoy! With this announcement, Valve completes all the major announcements that are to be published before TI, but its gonna be an active week with the teams rolling in at the venue and practicing.

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