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Who Is Sabine In Valorant?

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Valorant is a household name at this point. Riot’s tactical shooter has garnered unprecedented interest from FPS players around the world, the hype went to the point where top esports athletes from various games were willing to jump ships to build a career in Valorant.

Though the game was initially proposed to be a tactical shooter similar to CSGO, the developers went ahead to add agents with abilities that aid in the tactical approach. Each agent possesses unique abilities that are meant to combat different scenarios that arise in the game. For those playing the game for a long time now, the Sabine must have crossed your ears.

In the early days of Valorant, Sabine was presumed to be Reyna, though that myth was quickly dismissed after the duelist was released. So who is Sabine? Sabine is an agent who was in the game ever since it released.

Dr. Delilah Sabine is actually Viper. Omen’s voice line “Don’t die here Sabine. I need your secrets” in conjunction with Sage calling her Delilah helped us come up with the name Dr. Delilah Sabine. 

Riot will likely add to her backstory in the future but her name is all we have right now. Looking at how Riot has handled the backstory of other agents, we might be treated with a great one when it finally comes out. Riot has neither confirmed nor denied the theory but one can ignore the obvious implications.

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