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When is Split Returning To Valorant in 2023?

It has been over six months since Split departed Valorant’s map pool in June 2022. It was replaced by Pearl, a map that has managed to earn praise from the Valorant community due to its unique design and immersive visuals.

While Pearl was pretty well-received in the community, a good number of Valorant fans were also pretty upset by the unforeseen departure of Split.

Luckily, to the delight of fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of Split to the competitive map pool of the shooter, the developers have officially announced the date of its comeback to Valorant. However, Split’s return comes at the cost of Bind and Breeze being temporarily removed from the map pool of Valorant. 

When Will Split Come Back To Valorant? 

As confirmed by the developers in a blog post, Split will be returning to the Valorant map rotation with the upcoming patch 6.0. 

For the uninitiated, Valorant patch 6.0 will hit the live servers around January 10, 2022. Alongside Split, the update is also expected to introduce a new map to Valorant in order to maintain the 7-map pool rotation of the title.

Fans will have to bid farewell to Breeze and Bind once the update drops, but they’ll be returning to the title at some point in the future. The exact date of their return hasn’t been confirmed by the developers yet, but it will likely take around six months or more for the official map pool to change again.

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