BGMI Comeback: Is the game coming back in 2023?

BGMI and its comeback story in India has been one with a lot of twists, turns and filled with rumours. The game has been banned in India for almost six months now and there has been some development regarding the game. Here are the latest updates about the ban.

Indian government blocked the access to BGMI under the Section 69(A) of IT Act. Our preliminary report disclosed that the authorities have concerns over data migration policies and its Chinese connections. The official action was taken soon and Krafton has been working with the authorities since then to bring the game back in India.

Some major events took place following the BGMI in India. There has been a constant back and fourth between the authorities and Krafton officials. The BGMI developers have received a time window of 14 days to prove their innocence. The changes with no definitive conclusion has painted a very hazy picture about BGMI’s future in the country.

Krafton was recently seen doing some activities on their BGMI servers even though the game is officially banned. Recently, the servers were taken down for maintenance break and after that, two new in-game events were added to the game, which should not happen if a game is banned in the country.

This has hinted towards a different thing that BGMI might come back to India as the servers are being maintained and new events are being launched in the game itself. Recently, influencers have also started to hype BGMI once again, which is usually a trend before the game comes back to India.

There is no assurance as such that BGMI will be coming back but the positive indications around the community is certainly a thing to look out for.

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