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What is HRTF in Valorant?

HRTF was one of the most anticipated features in Valorant.

For a long time, a lot of the Valorant fanbase has been repeatedly asking Riot Games to implement HRTF audio to the tactical shooter. While the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) is already present in other popular FPS titles like CSGO, Valorant was yet to receive it.

Luckily, though, Riot has listened to its fans and delivered the HRTF audio to their title in patch 2.06, alongside a plethora of other much-needed changes.

However, a lot of players are still confused about what this new feature is all about. In that case, we have you covered. Here’s why enabling HRTF audio can significantly improve your in-game performance in Valorant, and how you can use it to your advantage.

HRTF in Valorant

HRTF enables Valorant players to locate their enemies much more precisely in the map with the help of audio cues.

Enabling this feature, players will be able to identify in-game sounds like footsteps and abilities in a 3D space much more accurately with the help of their headphones.

You can see the HRTF feature in action here.

It’s better to test it out in-game for yourself. A portion of the players prefer playing with HRTF disabled, so there’s always a chance that the feature might not click with you.

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