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VCT Stage 2: Teams for Challengers 1 determined

The open qualifier event for Valorant Champions Tour’s Stage 2 Challengers 1 has concluded and we have our top 8 teams from the qualifier who have progressed onto the Challengers 1 event, scheduled to be held from April 5-8.

  1. Cloud Blue 
  2. 100 Thieves 
  3. Built by Gamers
  4. XSET
  5. Envy
  6. Andbox
  7. Version1
  8. Immortals 

In the open qualifier, we witnessed a plethora of upsets along with some surprising turn arounds by the teams who were known as the underdogs, now rose to dominance over those who previously showcased their success at the first masters event. Sentinels, TSM, T1 were the teams among those who failed to go past their opponents in the Grand final brackets. 

Sentinels seemed to be completely destitute and listless as they went down to Built by Gamers where they couldn’t convert their match-winning charisma from the 1st Masters event. They were followed by Team SoloMid losing their lead in their race as they were stomped over by Immortals who didn’t concede a double-digit round loss on both the maps.

Cloud9 Blue led by Skyler ‘Relyks’ Weaver finally joined the party as they breezed past Korean-American team Gen.G by winning the series 2-0 and eventually qualifying for the closed qualifier. Currently, they are fielding Michael ‘Poiz’ Possis as their 5th after the North American side decided to part ways with their ex-IGL Daniel ‘Vice’ Kim who too steered his now his new team, Andbox to qualify for the same. 

These 8 teams will now lock horns in the Challengers 1 event in a bid to qualify for the final iteration of the former, while teams going who would be going down in this event would move to the Challengers 2 bracket, later joined by 4 teams coming from an open qualifier event in the same fashion just like they did for the first event. 

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The brackets for the Challengers 1 have been determined and would start from April 5 as mentioned above. 

Fixtures are as follows:

  • 100 Thieves Vs Andbox
  • Cloud9 Blue Vs Immortals
  • XSET Vs Built By Gamers 
  • Envy Vs Version1

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