Aster Wins Over True Rippers 2-1 in a Nail-Biting Match in VCL SA Split 2

Aster vs true rippers split 2

Aster Army and True Rippers were the only teams in Group B who had not dropped any series in VCL SA Split 2 but Aster broke True Rippers streak as they defeated them 2-1.

True Rippers Roster and Lineup

The roster of True Rippers consists of Saaransh “Whimp” Dang as the IGL, Shravana “Techno” Sahoo, Chogyal “Kaizen” Bhutia, Philip “Aryu” Vergara, Nereus “d1srupt” Lico and Aditya “Pixelzz” Gulhane(Sub).

Aster Army Roster and Lineup

The Aster Army roster consists of Hrishikesh “DominiK” Khedkar as IGL, Soumyadeep “DOXZ3R” Dey, NgĂ´ “Kishi” Huy, Pranav “Kohliii” Kohli, Lee “Wink” Zhen Yong and Sami “SSSami” Ar Rahman (Sub).

Map Veto and Selection

True Rippers banned Pearl and the Aster Army banned Lotus. They picked Split and Haven respectively. Fracture and Bind were banned, making Ascent the deciding map.

Match Recap

Split started with TR winning the pistol round and anti-eco round. AA won their full buy round and three rounds in a row to lead 3-2. TR overturned the advantage as they won 5 rounds in a row. AA won round 11 with Kishi getting a triple kill. The half ended at 8-4.

TR won the pistol round again, and D1srupt got an Ace in the anti-eco round. TR only dropped one round in their defending half to close the map at 13-5.

TR won another pistol at the start of Haven and went on to win 4 rounds in a row. Round 5 was a thrifty win for AA. They managed to equalize the score at 4-4. Even the half was closed at a balanced score of 6-6.

AA won their first pistol round and anti-eco round, to bring the score to 8-6. TR won their full buy round but again lost two rounds in a row to bring the score to 7-10. From there, TR managed to pull the game to Overtime, only to lose 16-14.

The third map was Ascent, which started with AA winning the pistol round and anti-eco round. TR won their full buy round but proceeded to lose 6 rounds in a row, to eventually lose the half at 9-3. D1srupt almost got a 1v4 clutch in round 6 but failed. Round 10 was won by TR as Kaizen got a triple kill and Techno got a triple kill in round 11 to close the round.

AA did not drop a single round in the second half as they closed out the map at 13-3 to win the series 2-1.

Kishi was the MVP as he had a KDA of 61/44 /27 on three different agents in three maps.

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