Valorant’s Running Accuracy to Get Nerfed in Next Update, Devs Confirm

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Since the dawn of Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant, a problem that has repeatedly surfaced from time to time again is the running accuracy of weapons, especially rifles. Players have continued to raise complaints to the developers regarding this issue, and it seems like Riot has listened to its fans.

Generally speaking, rifles shouldn’t be accurate unless a player is standing still (or counter-strafing) when using it. However, according to a portion of the Valorant player base, rifles in Valorant are somewhat accurate even when running and gunning in short distances.

In the latest edition of ‘Ask Valorant’, the developers have confirmed that this mechanic is about to get a nerf in the upcoming update 2.02. However, the changes won’t be as drastic as to make players need to re-learn the game itself.

“We have some changes planned for Patch 2.02 that should help address sentiment on running accuracy with rifles,” a Valorant developer said in the blog post. “Keep in mind, we’re making sure not to change too many systems at once to ensure that shooting doesn’t feel so dramatically different that you’ll have to relearn habits. As always, we’ll keep an eye on the change and will continue to adjust as necessary.”