Valorant Tigris Skin Bundle: details and photos inside

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The Riot funded project plans on celebrating the 2022 Lunar New Year with three high-profile additions to their game which included a brand new skin bundle, a free pass, and a Lunar New Year themed Night Market. 

Valorant earlier announced a new skin line dubbed as the “Tigris”, a forthcoming skin bundle that is set to replace the Protocol 781-A stack in the first person 5v5  tactical shooter. The arrival of Tigris will mark yet another flagship bundle within the game, as the former is known to have styled as uniquely as possible with a fusion of metallic colors and an incredibly eye-catching melee, the likes of which we noticed when the Elder Flame bundle was shipped into the game. 

The Tigris skin bundle would feature a total of five weapons including:





Melee Knife

In addition, Riot will introduce a free new pass along with the Lunar New Year themed Night Market which will soon hit the game although no further information has been revealed by the developers about the pass. The Tigris line will replace Protocol 781-A in the store from February 2 onwards and will have an estimated price of around 9900 Valorant Points (yet to be confirmed by Riot) while the rest is expected to arrive by February 1. 

The free event pass will include Sprays, Gunbuddies, and playercards just like the RiotX Arcane event bundle

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