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Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: All Skins, Price, & Other Details

Valorant has just introduced two new skin bundles alongside the release of its Episode 8 Act 1 update. The first bundle is the Kuronami skin collection, which includes new skins for the Sheriff, Marshal, Spectre, Vandal, and Melee. The second bundle that the new Valorant update has brought to the game is the ‘Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle’, which we’re gonna check out in this article.

The ‘Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle’ is a skin bundle dedicated entirely to the newest weapon in Valorant, the Outlaw. The gun was also introduced to the shooter with the start of Episode 8, and is a 2400 Credits sniper rifle that’s expected to bridge the gap between the Marshal and the Operator.

Let’s take a look at the contents of the ‘Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle’, its price tag, and everything else that you need to know.

Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Skins, Price, & More

Unlike the other bundles in Valorant, the ‘Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle’ features skins for only one weapon – the Outlaw.

Here are the skins that players can get by purchasing the bundle:

  • Prism//Reloaded Outlaw (4 Variants)
  • Ego Outlaw (4 Variants)

Alongside the aforementioned skins, players can also get the following exclusive cosmetics as part of the bundle:

  • Outlaw Player Card
  • Outlaw Gun Buddy
  • Outlaw Spray
  • Outlaw Title

Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Price

The Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle in Valorant is priced at 2320 VP, which roughly equates to about $25 USD. However, players also have the option to buy the contents of the bundle individually instead of purchasing the entire bundle. It’s also important to note that players get a significant discount when buying the entire bundle at once.

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