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Valorant New Weapon Outlaw: Damage, Price, Movement Speed, & More

Riot Games is gearing up to launch the weapon ‘Outlaw’ in Valorant alongside its highly anticipated Episode 8 Act 1 update, and while no official confirmations have been made by the developers as of yet, we’ve seen plenty of leaks surfacing on the internet to get a pretty good idea about the upcoming gun, its release date, stats, and other details.

In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about Outlaw and how it can potentially change the existing meta of Valorant.

Valorant Outlaw Stats: Damage, Price, Movement Speed, & More

A recent leak from prominent Valorant dataminer ‘ValorLeaks’ has brought to light a bunch of useful stats about the new Valorant gun including its damage, movement speed, and other details.

Below, we’ve included all the important stats that you need to know about Outlaw in Valorant:


  • Head: 238
  • Body: 140
  • Legs: 119

Mag Size: 2 in chamber, 10 in reserve

Equip Time: 1.25 seconds

Fire Rate: 2.75

Running Speed: 80%

Price: 2,400 Credits

Valorant Outlaw Release Date

As we had already reported in a previous article, Outlaw is expected to hit the live Valorant servers with the Episode 8 Act 1 update. The Episode 8 update will be introduced to the game around January 10, 2024.

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