Team Vikings defeat X10 Esports 2-0 at VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik Day 2

The upper-bracket round 1 match-up between Team Vikings and X10 Esports was the first game on the second day of the Valorant Championship Tour: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavik. Although the encounter concluded within the initial two maps, the battle between the two wasn’t easy-peasy for either side.

Team Vikings won the match-up 2-0 and advanced to the upper-bracket semi-finals. They shall compete against the winner of Sentinels and Fnatic which will be played later today. On the other hand, X10 Esports has been relegated to the lower brackets to face-off against Crazy Raccoon from Japan.


  • Team Vikings ban Split.
  • X10 Esports ban Bind.
  • X10 Esports pick Icebox.
  • Team Vikings pick Ascent.
  • Haven is the decider.

Icebox: 13-11 to Team Vikings

Team Vikings got off to a decent start by winning the pistol round and the subsequent one. As the game progressed, both sides traded a couple of rounds here and there as the first half ended 7-5 with a slight advantage to Team Vikings. 

The second half began with the Vikings yet again securing an initial couple of rounds. X10 Esports also came back with two rounds. In the end, they exchanged rounds till the very end and Team Vikings bagged the map 13-11.  Being X10 Esports’ map pick, Icebox went the way of Brazilians.

Ascent: 14-12 to Team Vikings

X10 Esports began the second map with a decent 4-1 lead into the first half. But the Vikings won three rounds on the trot and levelled the scoreboard 4-4. Grabbing a couple of rounds each, the first-half tied at 6-6.

In the second half, the Vikings consolidated the match-up by securing the match-point in the twentieth round as the scoreboard turned 12-8. X10 Esports went all-in and turned the corner and tied the second map at 12-12. 

In the overtime, X10 Esports found no success as their opponents secured the second map as well. Sacy and sutecas were the frontrunners for Team Vikings throughout the match-up.