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iNSUPERABLE Banned from Twitch for Body shaming Streamer

Partnered Twitch streamer iNSUPERABLE has been handed over a ban by the streaming platform after he called out a female streamer, “fat ugly bitch”.

The above incident took place on May 21 when Twitch streamer itsrachryan hosted a “Just Chatting” session alongside her friend and had committed to write the name of the person who would give the most number of subscriptions to the chat. This indeed attracted iNSUPERABLE who passed this comment upon watching them live,

If I saw the girl on the left dude, in a bar in Montreal, I would definitely skip on that s**t. The girl on the right dude, we can talk about it, dude. The girl on the left dude, she’s like the fat, ugly wing girl. You know like when you tell your chick, hey if you come to my party, bring your friend right, and she comes to the party, and that’s the friend she brings.

Four days later, Twitch support officially suspended iNSUPERABLE’s account for his comments as the incident was later reported by itsrachryan to the former and a clip was posted by her on Twitter which indeed caught everyone’s eye across the social media platform. She stated,

This partnered streamer came into my friend’s chat last night being more than just disrespectful and using our streams for his own content. People like this shouldn’t have a platform on Twitch or anywhere.

Comments previously made by him in the chat according to his TwitLonger:

How much for my name written on cheeks? She started yelling at me saying that i’m extremely disrespectful and that i’m sexually harassing her and that it’s not okay & that I’m a verified partner and she’s going to report me to twitch & they’re going to ban me if I don’t donate 5$ on the spot so she can forgive me.

She kept on going for about 8 to 10 mins about all the stuff I just said earlier that I’m a partnered streamer and that I’m going to get canceled if I don’t donate more.

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