Following several leaks from the community, Riot Games has finally decided to release the heavily anticipated Smite collection to their store, and the skins look gorgeous!

The skins feature a blue and cyan theme with stripes between them in the shape of lightning bolts, giving each skin a very unique look. The collection features skins for the knife, Phantom, Odin, Judge and Classic.

While it can’t be said that the Smite collection is the best one in the game, the price tag on it more than makes up for the fact. The entire Smite collection is available for a low price of 3,500 Valorant points, which costs just under $40.

The skins can also be purchased individually from the store if a player chooses not to get the entire bundle. Each skin separately costs 875 Valorant Points while the knife costs 1750 Points.

The release should come as no surprise to players considering the fact that every single one of the skins were already leaked by dataminers about a week ago.

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