Valorant Season 6 Battlepass Guide – All You Need to Know

With Season 6, Act 2 on the horizon in Valorant, we will soon be getting a brand new Battlepass featuring a plethora of cosmetic items and a melee weapon to top it off. The below guide will walk you through the very details of Season 6 Act 2 in general. 

Episode 6 Act 2 will hit the live servers on March 7, 2023. The new act is set to be accompanied by a new set of skins and brand-new content in the face of a Battlepass. Alongside weapon cosmetics, there would be a tonne of sprays, player cards, and exclusive gun buddies which will be made available. 

It is anticipated that the free tier of the Battlepass will provide access to the skin for a side-arm weapon, while the rest of the skins will only be accessible by paying for the Battlepass itself.

Players of Valorant have the ability to express themselves on their profiles through the use of player cards. The artwork featured on each card relates to a certain aspect of the game, such as a character or a cosmetic item. The brand-new Battlepass will come with thirteen brand-new player cards, some of which may also be made accessible without charge.

Gekko, the newest addition to Valorant’s agent pool, will make his debut in Season 6 Act 2. He is said to have unique abilities which can alter the outcome of any round in the game. He hails from Los Angeles, United States. 

See below for a complete rundown of the skins available in the Act 2 Battlepass for Episode 6. 

Signature, Tilde, and Topodek are the three categories of weapon skins available in the Season 6 Act 2 Battlepass. All of them will become available to you as of March 7, 2023.

These collections will each have a set that contains the following types of weapons:

  • Signature : Guardian, Marshall, Sheriff, and Stinger skins.
  • Tilde : Bulldog, Judge, Melee, Op, and Shorty skins.
  • Topodek : Bucky, Ghost, Odin, and Phantom skins.


The Battlepass in Episode 6 Act 2 is set to feature 15 new and unique in-game sprays, the vast majority of which were created with the players and their interests in mind. 

“With this Battlepass, we wanted to lean further into self-expression than we had before. Our players are passionate about so many things: art, sports, music, food, clothes–the list goes on. We tried to look at these passions as opportunities for expression in VALORANT,” stated Producer, Laura Baltzer.

“Player cards like Setting Records and Pixel Moments take VALORANT characters and morph them into new styles,” she concluded. 

Battle Pass for Act 2 of Episode 6 costs 1,000 Valor Points, the same as always. You can earn a bunch of free stuff as you level up in the battle pass, in addition to all the premium rewards. The following is a complete list of what is included in the free battle pass track for this Act:

  • Tilde Shorty
  • Epilogue: Setting Records Player Card
  • Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all Spray
  • Cat-Eye Gun Buddy
  • Boot Camp // Two Mountains Player Card


Q: Will there be a new Battle Pass for Episode 6 Act 2?

A: Yes, there will be a new Battle Pass for Episode 6 Act 2. The Battle Pass will likely include new skins, sprays, player cards, and other cosmetic items that players can earn by completing challenges and playing the game.

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