Valorant Reaver Skin Bundle Release Date & Time

The new Reaver collection might be different from the one released in the beta.

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The Reaver skin bundle was the first collection in Valorant that introduced evolving features like custom reticles and significantly changed the weapon shapes. While the bundle received an insane amount of popularity in the closed beta phase of the tactical shooter, it was removed from the game since the official launch on June 4.

However, after all these months, it seems like Riot is planning to bring back an improved version of the fan-favourite bundle to Valorant.

The revamped Reaver bundle comes as a surprise for fans on Halloween, but the release date will be delayed by a few days due to the unfortunate technical difficulties that arose following the release of patch 1.11, a patch that was later rolled back till the issues got resolved.

Valorant ‘Reaver Skin Collection’ Release Date

Riot has confirmed in a recent tweet that the Reaver bundle will be available in the game from November 3rd, a day after the patch drops on November 2nd.

Players who are planning to get themselves the Singularity collection are advised to purchase it before the Reaver release, since the Reaver collection is set to replace Singularity in the store.

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