Valorant Pro Tenz asks fans to disable Bullet Tracers for improving spray In Game

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Spraying with weapons has always remained an integral part of competitive FPS games like CSGO or Valorant.

While spraying may not be very viable in long-range duels, it’s still crucial for any close to mid-range gunfights, which is why most players need to learn the spray patterns for the different weapons out there.

Spraying in Valorant is considered to be more difficult than in CSGO, especially due to the fact that there are some elements of randomness in Valorant weapon sprays whereas CSGO sprays can be perfected with practice.

In one of his recent livestreams, Sentinels star Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has explained how simply turning off an in-game Valorant setting can significantly improve your sprays in the game.

While bullet tracers generally act as an indication of where the bullets from weapons are going, TenZ says that they can often be misleading and cause players to mess up their sprays.

“It was mostly with the Vandal that I noticed this,” the 21-year-old said. “The tracers are not synced all the time. Sometimes I look at the tracers to compensate my spray and I feel like sometimes it just messed my spray up.”

You can take a look at the clip here.

The obvious solution to this problem would be to disable the in-game bullet tracers, but that could cause problems since the tracers can also be quite useful at times. For instance, tracers can help you locate your enemies when they’re firing through a smoke with an unsilenced weapon.

The bullet tracers can be turned off from the General settings in the Valorant menu. Disabling this may also give you a slight boost in FPS.

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