VALORANT Premier Returns Next Month with Much-Needed Changes

valorant premier

The competitive world of VALORANT is about to get more thrilling as the much-anticipated Premier returns to the fray next month. This in-game esports platform is all set for its next beta phase slated to kick off on July 20​​.

VALORANT Premier’s return promises an impressive lineup of improvements, many of which stem from players’ requests during the initial global beta phase in May. This next phase is sure to be a treat for competitive players who are eager to see these changes in action​.

When Is Valorant Premier Coming Back?

The launch of the weekly Valorant Premier matches is scheduled for July 20, while the playoff tournament is marked for August 13. However, it’s worth noting that these dates may vary depending on your geographical location, shifting a day earlier or later​.

One notable change is the extended registration period. Previously, players had a narrow four-day window to sign up. Now, registration is slated to start on July 11, giving players a full week to sign up. This gives players more breathing room to prepare and, if necessary, assemble a team​.

In addition to the extended registration period, players can look forward to several other enhancements. These include tweaks to team creation, region-specific match schedules, a revamped playoff format, and live scores for playoff matches. More detailed information on these changes is eagerly awaited​.

While the aforementioned updates are exciting, they might just be the tip of the iceberg. Players should stay tuned for the official announcement which is expected to divulge more information and additional features. The map pool for the upcoming Premier phase remains a mystery, adding to the anticipation​​.

Moreover, VALORANT will reportedly continue to host the Premier in its beta form for the second phase. This could be due to the plethora of suggestions received from players during the last phase. Riot is seemingly poised to take into account more feedback in the forthcoming phase to refine and perfect the Premier experience​.

Prepare to engage in an enhanced VALORANT Premier experience as the competitive arena is set to blaze anew with these much-awaited updates.

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