Valorant No Limits Skin Bundle: Release Date, and More

Valorant No Limits Skin Bundle

Valorant enthusiasts are in for a treat as Riot Games gears up to unveil an exciting new addition to the game, the Valorant NO LIMITS skin collection. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, this vibrant and funky-themed design is sure to captivate players’ attention. The timing of this announcement couldn’t be more perfect, as it coincides with the upcoming Valorant Tokyo Masters tournament. Although an official release date has yet to be confirmed, speculations point towards a launch date close to the tournament itself.

Let’s delve into the details surrounding the highly anticipated NO LIMITS skin collection arriving in Valorant.

Valorant No Limits Skin Bundle Expected Release Date:

While an exact release date remains elusive, it is reasonable to assume that Riot Games has strategically planned to coincide the release of the NO LIMITS collection with the Valorant Tokyo Masters. The tournament is slated to commence on June 11, 2023, making it highly probable for the skins to debut around the same time. The NO LIMITS collection embraces visuals inspired by the tournament’s venue, further solidifying the likelihood of its arrival on the tournament’s opening day.

Upcoming Patch 6.11: As the NO LIMITS collection awaits its grand entrance, another event is also set to take place. Patch 6.11 is scheduled for release on June 9, 2023, although it is less likely for the NO LIMITS bundle to coincide with this update. Regardless, vigilant players should keep their eyes peeled for any surprise releases.

Valorant No Limits Skin Bundle Skins:

Riot Games has revealed the following weapons that will receive the NO LIMITS treatment:

  1. NO LIMITS Spectre
  2. NO LIMITS Bulldog
  3. NO LIMITS Ghost
  4. NO LIMITS VandalBat (Melee)

Pricing and Variants: As of now, the price of the NO LIMITS collection remains undisclosed. The initial teaser provided a glimpse of the mesmerizing color-changing effect when transitioning in and out of shadows. However, it did not showcase any finishers or sound effects. Fans eagerly await further information from Riot Games to determine the price of this highly sought-after bundle.

Regarding the possibility of variants, Valorant has divulged limited information. The teaser only exhibited a single variant, showcasing its ability to change colors based on in-game activity. Whether additional variants will be included is yet to be confirmed.

As anticipation builds for the Valorant NO LIMITS skin collection, players must stay tuned for updates from Riot Games. The seamless integration of Japanese-inspired aesthetics into this bundle is set to elevate the Valorant experience to unprecedented heights. Get ready to unleash your creativity and style on the battlefield with these exciting new skins!

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