Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 Night Market Skins, Prices and More

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The latest edition of Valorant Night Market is here for December 2021. It was announced earlier today by Riot games via Twitter and was reflected in the game soon enough.

The Night Market will last for the next 12 days. The weapons featured in the night market are different for each player and selected randomly from previous Acts, the current Acts’ skins will not be a part of Night Market – as has been the case always.

At least two Premium Edition or higher skins are guaranteed to appear for the players, but the rest will be made up of Select and Deluxe editions, and the no. of Premium Edition skins could be higher as well. 

Players can buy these skins through Valorant’s in-game currency known as Valorant Points or VP. VP need to be bought by real money and players must first load up some VP to purchase skin of their choice- as is the case in PUBG as well. Skins are one of the most attractive features of the game and Riot never fails to launch new skins when they get the chance.

Valorant Night Market weapon Skins Price Guide

Valorant skins aren’t just a treat to look at, they have their own Animations, finishers and VFX as well. The different categories in which they are divided based on VP is as follows:

  • Select Edition (SE): 875 VP
  • Deluxe Edition (DE): 1275 VP
  • Premium Edition (PE): 1775 VP
  • Ultra Edition (UE): 2475 VP

This is the standard price for skins, and with the New act and the Night Market players will get discounts that are random and unique to their accounts. 

Night Market will stay for the next 12 days and can be found in the game under the tab of the same name. 

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