Valorant Night Market December 2021 Schedule

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Valorant Night Market is one of the most anticipated events for players around the world. It gives a chance to them to purchase skins since their prices are slashed and they become more affordable for most of the community.

Valorant Night Market is different for each player, meaning not everyone gets the same discounts for the same skin, some may get a better skin for a lower amount or vice versa.

Night Market cannot be predicted as to when it will arrive, but as the holiday season is fast approaching it is right to expect a new event from Riot. Most games bring Christmas discounts for their players and Riot will be no different. 

Valorant Night Market December 2021 Date and Time

The community was eager to know when Valorant Night market would arrive and user u/mustard_castle suggested it is based on Significant events around Riot Games and their titles and the date on which they were released.

They also gave a warning, and we second that – saying that one may not always get the skin they like even after spending a considerable amount, and would be better off purchasing it from the bundle itself. 

But with Christmas around the corner and VALORANT Champions taking place as well, Night Market is expected to make a return sooner or later.

It is currently unconfirmed when Night Market will arrive, it might be real soon or it could take a week or two as well depending on Riot’s approach.

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