Valorant Night Market September 2022 Start Date & Time

The Valorant Night Market is a great way for players to get their favorite weapon skins at hefty discounts. Players can get randomized weapon cards that reveal varying discounts on skins when flipped. During each Night Market, players can flip up to six weapon cards to redeem these discounts.

However, the Valorant Night Market only comes to the game once every few months, and players only get about two weeks to purchase the discounted skins before they disappear. 

Riot Games has recently revealed the date and time of the upcoming September 2022 Night Market in Valorant, and fans of the shooter are excited to see the cards that they get this time around.

Let’s take a look at the September 2022 Night Market start date and time.

Valorant September 2022 Night Market Start Date & Time Revealed

As confirmed through a recent Tweet by the official Riot Games handle, the Night Market will come to Valorant on September 28 at 17:00 PT. It will stay active for two weeks before disappearing once again on October 11th. 

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