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Valorant Night Market Might Return This June

It is highly anticipated that the next Valorant Night Market would arrive in the latter half of June 2023.

After the 1.14 patch, Valorant provided the community with its first-ever Night Market which aims to provide the player base with weapons at discounted rates. Sometimes getting the skin bundles from the store can be a way more hefty job. Night market allows you to get either Prime, Deluxe, or other grade weapons at a slightly lower price than their original.

When the Night Market opens, you can keep track of the skins you’ve chosen using a handy indication in Valorant’s main menu. Don’t expect to find any skin collections that have been launched in the last two months on the Night Market.

The Night Market will never offer you a discount on an entire bundle, but only individual skins from a random bundle. You’re blessed with a total of six weapon skin cards which are revealed once flipped. 

The Night Market randomly chooses six Premium or Deluxe weapon skins to provide a discount. However, once a slot is locked on the skin, that slot can’t be re-used again till the player buys that weapon skin at the discounted rate first.

In case you don’t want a skin that you drew, your best bet is to draw another slot and hope to get a discount on the skin you want. As we all know, new skin line bundles sometimes cost you a bomb, and here is where the Night Market comes into action. 

The silver lining is that the Night Market comes back quite regularly, and the wait for a new set of skins is only eight weeks. Although re-rolling skins with premium currency would be a wonderful addition, Riot Games has made no hints that this functionality is in the works.

Earlier, the Night Market saw the developers tune it with Bad luck protection which would guarantee you some exciting offers. Also, once you flip your cards, you won’t get more than two skins of the same weapon.

The only way you can refresh your weapon skin cards is if you purchase the currently available choices. You have 12 more days left to redeem all of the six offers and as mentioned above, after every purchase, there’s always a new offer exclusively waiting for you.

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