Why Valorant Night Market Is Disabled?

valorant night market

In a bid to address player concerns, Riot Games has decided to temporarily disable the Valorant Night Market for Episode 6 Act 3. The decision comes shortly after its release, following negative feedback from the player community.

Introduction of the Valorant Night Market took place alongside the launch of Valorant Patch 6.11 in Episode 6 Act 3. However, the excitement was short-lived as Riot Games promptly disabled the feature mere hours later. Taking to the @PlayVALORANT Twitter account, Riot Games announced the move, stating, “We’re hearing reports that some of you are having issues with Night Market and rotating Store offers.” They further added, “As a result, we’re turning Night Market off for now. We’ll work on a fix and hope to bring it back soon.”

The term “Rotating Store Offers” refers to the feature where a new item becomes available once a purchase has been made. Typically, the Night Market offers players a new cosmetic item upon their purchase, making this malfunction a significant setback.

At present, the Riot Games Service Status website does not provide an estimated timeline for resolving this issue and reinstating the Night Market. However, it is highly likely that Riot Games is striving to rectify the problem swiftly, enabling players to once again indulge in the allure of rare skins on offer in the Night Market before Episode 7 Act 1 is launched.

Many players who were dissatisfied with their initial Night Market offerings are hopeful that the Night Market will be reset once it is back online. One user expressed their desire, stating, “God, I hope you give me a new Night Market,” while another discontent player remarked, “You can keep mine disabled; I don’t need a smite knife.” Additionally, on Reddit, in response to a user’s query about the reason behind the Night Market’s removal, a more comedic perspective emerged. A user humorously stated, “They accidentally gave me the Recon Phantom skin, so they shut it down while they investigate how I got a good skin for once.”

Ideally, the downtime for the Night Market will be brief, allowing players to resume their pursuit of acquiring rare skins. However, should the interruption persist, it would be appreciated if Riot Games could compensate players for their inconvenience. While it is best not to set our expectations too high, the gaming community eagerly awaits the return of the Night Market, eagerly preparing to make use of their Riot points once more.

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