Valorant New Map to be Named ‘Breeze’, Leaks Suggest

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Photo: Riot Games via TalkEsport

According to some recent leaks by Valorant dataminers, the upcoming map in the tactical shooter might be named ‘Breeze’.

While the name hasn’t been officially confirmed by Riot Games themselves, Twitter user ‘cynprel’ noticed that the name ‘Breeze’ was crossed out in the Night Market next to the agent’s origin. We had seen the same with Yoru’s Night Market tease, which had ‘Split’ crossed out. 

As we had reported earlier, Valorant dataminers have already managed to find the loading music of the upcoming Valorant map and have shared it on Twitter.

While no information is known on this new map, the loading music is leading to speculations that it might be a tropical-themed map.

Valorant ‘Breeze’ Release Date

No release date of the upcoming map ‘Foxtrot’ has been specified by Riot, but fans are expecting it to launch at the start of Episode 2 Act 3, since the last map, Icebox, was launched with the Episode 1 Act 3 update.