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Valorant New Map ‘Foxtrot’ Loading Music Leaked by Dataminers

Since the release of the snowy map Icebox, Valorant players have received no new map to the title for well over 5 months. Needless to say, fans have repeatedly raised demands for a new map over the past few patches and it seems like Riot has noticed them.

While no confirmation has been made by Riot Games on the next Valorant map, dataminers have dug up game files that may potentially hint to a new map ‘Foxtrot’.

Valorant dataminers have already managed to find the loading music of the upcoming Valorant map and have shared it on Twitter.

While no information is known on this new map, the loading music is leading to speculations that it might be a tropical-themed map.

There’s also a good possibility for Riot to change the name of the map later since ‘Foxtrot’ might just be a working title.

Valorant New Map Release Date:

No release date of the upcoming map ‘Foxtrot’ has been specified by Riot, but fans are expecting it to launch at the start of Episode 2 Act 3, since the last map, Icebox, was launched with the Episode 1 Act 3 update.

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