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VALORANT Is Getting A Test Server, confirms Riot Games

Every major Valorant update comes with its fair share of bugs which Riot looks to address by introducing Valorant test server in 2021.

Valorant test server are nothing new, Esports titles like PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege have their test servers where players and get a taste of the update before the meal gets delivered to the main game. Having the update beforehand makes the developer aware of any issues that it might cause to players across the world.

Riot claims to have 150 developers working on the game, and integrating different elements of the game modified by different teams might give rise to issues that can be avoided if players chose to put in the time and try out the updates on the test servers. Thus having test servers works as a great tool that fends off the risk of pushing an unstable update to the game. This was important given that the bugs are affecting the growing esports scene of the game.

Public test servers were already teased by Riot but the confirmation comes in from them heading into 2021. There are no exact details about the launch times but given the pace, Riots works at, it won’t be very long before it comes to fruition with more details to follow suit.

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