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Valorant Haven Guide: Map Layout, Best Agents & More

Haven stands as a cornerstone in Valorant’s map pool, renowned for pioneering the introduction of three-bombsite layouts within Riot Games’ competitive shooter. While it has been out of Valorant’s active map rotation for nearly four months now, that hasn’t stopped the community from enjoying Haven in private games.

As Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 draws to a close, speculations have started to arise about Riot’s potential reintroduction of Haven into the competitive map rotation in the coming weeks. This is why, now might be the ideal time for you to go through our Valorant Haven guide. In this guide, we’ll not only showcase the best Agents that you can pick in Haven but also reveal to you the entire map layout alongside the crucial callouts.

Without further ado, let’s check out the detailed guide for Haven in Valorant.

Valorant Haven Map Layout

If you’re looking to learn Haven in Valorant, the first thing you should look into is knowing the map layout and memorizing the callouts.

Below, we have attached the entire map of Haven and all the important callouts that you need to know:

Valorant Haven Guide

Valorant Haven: Best Agents To Pick

Knowing the map alone is not enough to master Haven. You also need to know what Agents to pick to get the maximum advantage over your opponents.

These are the top-picked Agents in each role on Haven, as per data from The Spike:

  • Sentinel – Killjoy, Cypher.
  • Initiator – Sova, Breach.
  • Duelist – Jett, Raze.
  • Controller – Omen, Viper.

When is Haven Returning To Valorant?

Haven was removed from Valorant with the Episode 8 Act 1 update as Icebox entered the competitive map pool. Before Haven is reintroduced to the game, the map will likely receive a minor rework like most other maps do when they’re taken out of the rotation.

Unfortunately, Riot Games hasn’t revealed the exact date of Haven’s return to the official Valorant map pool. However, fans can expect the current map pool of the title to change at the start of Episode 9 Act 1.

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