Valorant Give Back Bundle 2022: Release Date, Price and More

valorant give back bundle

The Give Back Bundle, which includes community-selected weapon skins, will soon be available on Valorant.

Valorant, Riot’s FPS, has been a hit since its premiere in 2020, because of its unique blend of tactical shooting mechanics and ability-based gameplay, combined with a huge assortment of incredible-looking cosmetics.

More details about what is in the 5.10 patch are starting to emerge. Data miners are already searching over the archives, and it appears that we have two additional bundles ready to be made available for purchase within the game. The forthcoming bundles will be known as Abyssal and Give Back when they are released.

The Give Back Bundle, which includes some of the most well-liked gun skins selected by the community, will soon be made available once more in the Valorant marketplace.

As was indicated before, the members of the Valorant community will vote on which skins should be included in the Give Back Bundle. This will allow the community to select the skins that should be made available. The above has finally concluded, and below you will find a list of the skins that have been chosen to be included in the bundle for this year.

  1. Forsaken Operator
  2. Magepunk Spectre
  3. Neptune Vandal
  4. Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost

The Give Back bundle is expected to get shipped into the game on November 16 with a price tag of 6387 Valorant Points.

Along with the weapon skins, player cards and gun buddies are to be released alongside the bundle.

The Give Back bundle helps players receive rarely and highly demanded skins which also donate towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

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