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Valorant Fans Discover Counter-Strike Easter Egg in MIBR Esports Capsule

With the recent Valorant 8.03 update, Riot Games has introduced new Esports Capsules to the competitive shooter alongside a bunch of other exciting changes. These Esports Capsules provide a direct means for players to support their favorite pro teams in Valorant, with 50% of the proceeds from the sales of these capsules going directly to the respective teams.

The Esports Capsules introduced as part of the latest Valorant update include a Classic skin, a Gun Buddy, a Player Card, and a Spray. With each team having their unique artworks embedded in the contents of their capsules, there’s a total of 44 unique capsules available in the Valorant esports store.

Upon inspecting the VCT Capsules, it becomes apparent that the esports organizations have showcased their creativity through the contents enclosed within.

Hidden CS 1.6 Easter Egg in Valorant MIBR Capsule

Valorant fans were swift to discover a hidden Counter-Strike easter egg in the Esports Capsule of the Brazilian organization, MIBR, which seems to have seized this chance to subtly incorporate elements of Counter-Strike into its competitor’s title.

As an organization steeped in Counter-Strike history, MIBR’s affinity for the game is palpable and becomes evident in their Esports Capsule for VCT 2024.

The Player Card featured in the MIBR Esports Capsule for Valorant depicts a young gamer immersed in a game on their computer, clad in an MIBR jersey. A closer examination of the computer screen reveals an image mirroring the iconic artwork from the Counter-Strike 1.6 main menu.

“Inspired by the beginning of everything, the first gamer setup, and the golden age of online games, our Team Capsule tells ours, yours, and the stories of several Brazilian players,” the official Twitter handle of MIBR said about the capsule.

Incorporating elements of Counter-Strike 1.6 into their Valorant Esports Capsule, MIBR pays homage to their rich gaming heritage and showcases their innovative approach to esports. In this creative blend of past and present, MIBR not only honors their legacy but also demonstrates their adaptability in navigating the dynamic world of competitive gaming.

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