VALORANT Daedalus Skin Bundle: Leaked by Dataminers

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A new Valorant weapon skin bundle has been leaked by dataminers on the internet, and while not much is known about the new skin bundle coming to Valorant, it’s evident from the first glance that the ‘Daedalus’ bundle seems like a better version of the ‘Cavalier’ bundle that was a part of the Episode 1 Act 2 battle pass.

The new bundle, codenamed ‘Daedalus’, was initially leaked by reputed Valorant dataminer ‘XTR’ on Twitter. The leaker posted a picture of the Daedalus Vandal alongside two other Vandal skins that are likely to be released at some point during Episode 4 Act 3.

Valorant ‘Daedalus’ Skin Bundle Price

The price of the ‘Daedalus’ weapon skin bundle hasn’t been officially revealed by Riot Games as of yet. But don’t be surprised if they decide to include the Daedalus Vandal in the upcoming Battle Pass instead of putting it in a bundle.

Valorant ‘Daedalus’ Bundle Skins

Only the image of the ‘Daedalus’ Vandal has been leaked as of yet, so we still don’t have a clue about what other skins will be included in the ‘Daedalus’ skin bundle. However, from the screenshot of the Vandal, it seems that there will be 4 variants to the ‘Daedalus’ skin line.

Valorant ‘Daedalus’ Skin Bundle Release Date

The exact release date of the ‘Daedalus’ skin bundle hasn’t been set in stone just yet, but fans can expect to see this bundle being added to the shooter during Episode 4 Act 3.

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