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Valorant Adds New Feature to Combat Smurfs in 5.01 Update

The 5.01 update has just arrived at Valorant, and it has brought with it a bunch of new changes to the competitive shooter by Riot Games. Alongside Agent improvements that include buffs to Yoru, Phoenix, and KAY/O, the new Valorant update also introduces Pearl to the competitive queues.

However, a change that has managed to grab the attention of the curious eyes of many Valorant fans out there is the new ‘Smurf’ detection system that Valorant 5.01 has brought to the game.

The newly implemented Smurf detection functionality will aim to tackle the existing smurfing problem in Valorant by matching new players and accounts with other players of similar skill levels at a much more rapid pace than before.

However, these changes haven’t been introduced to the global servers as of yet. Currently, these Smurfing countermeasures have only been implemented in North American servers, and if it works out well, it will likely be added to the global servers in a future update.

“We’re testing this change in North America first, to make sure everything is working correctly before a global rollout.,” the devs said in a statement.

In fact, the testing of these new features have already started in the North American servers on July 11th.

Valorant fans across the world will be eagerly looking forward to seeing this change being implemented globally, as it can potentially solve a major problem in the community that has haunted new and inexperienced players alike.

Interested fans can read all about this new Smurf detection functionality, the Agent changes, bug fixes, and much more that patch 5.01 has brought to the game by going to the official patch notes page.

Valorant is a 5v5 online competitive shooter that was developed and published by Riot Games in June 2020. The title is available to play exclusively on PC, with a separate mobile version currently in the works.

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