The Longest Valorant Game Lasted For 58 Rounds

That’s over eight overtimes in a single game.

Longest Valorant Game overtime

Valorant games are generally no longer than about an hour or so. However, games dragging longer than that on account of a few overtimes are also not uncommon. Do you know about the longest Valorant game that lasted 58 rounds including overtime?

The overtimes are usually resolved by one team winning more rounds than their opposition or a certain number of players agreeing for a draw.

According to some recent statistics revealed by Riot, the longest Valorant game since its release this June lasted for a whopping 58 rounds including overtime.

While it may be hard to believe at first, overtimes as long as this isn’t unheard of in other competitive shooters like CSGO. For instance, in 2015, two semi-pro CSGO teams exceL and XENEX battled it out on Inferno during game two of their match in ESL Premiership UK 2015. The game ended with a score of 46-42, with overtimes starting when the teams reached 15-15.

Other than this, Riot also revealed that Vandal has triumphed Phantom in terms of kill count in the shooter. You can read more about that here.