Valorant Streamer JimmyJam Banned for “Cheating” While Playing at Riot Headquarters

The world of competitive gaming is not without its controversies and scandals. One of the most popular streamers JimmyJam just got banned when playing at Riot’s headquarters.

This incident sent shockwaves throughout the gaming community leaving the players as well as the developers about how can such a thing happen under their watch in the headquarters which sparked a debate if there are players who have been unjustly banned before.

The stream when playing with fellow content creators got banned 5 minutes into the game leaving the players and the spectators in shock who eventually broke into laughter. Jimmy was playing on Riot’s computer which makes this a case of false detection.

“You have been banned from playing Valorant”: this is the message that his screen showed after the incident took place. The streamers were invited to try out something new but seems like the Vanguard anti-cheat was not configured to go along with the changes.

Jimmy later announced that Riot has unbanned his account and cited this as a case of false detection which begs the question if any innocent players were banned previously which will be unfair, to say the least.

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